Saturday, April 16, 2011

1/144 McDonnell F-2H-2(N) US Navy - Miniwing

Link1/144 McDonnell F-2H-2(N) US Navy - Miniwing

Miniwing have released another new early series Jet the F2H-2 / F2H-2(N) Banshee,

The F2H-2 served during the Korean War with the U.S. Navy Task Force 77 and the Marine Corps. Pilots spoke of F2H as the "banjo".[15] Due to its good performance at high altitude, it initially proved its worth as an escort for long-range USAF bomber formations. As the war progressed, USN and USMC fighters were primarily assigned to ground attack missions, including close air support of ground troops and destruction of the North Korean army's supply lines The F2H-2N differed from the standard F2H-2 by having an 84 cm longer nose section housing an AN/APS-19 radar set. Only 14 F2H-2Ns were built, one (BuNo 123311) was later modified to serve as an aerodynamic prototype for the F2H-3 all-weather fighter version. (source: wiki)

This kit is nicely produced and has that Miniwing signature format and feel; with well defined panel lines and a pleasing visual form.

The main kit consists of a half dozen main components and a number of additional fine detailing parts. The canopy is the new style crystal clear resin/plastic(?) canopy.

An interesting option on this kit is the optional nose (some cutting required) to allow you to build the F2H-2 and F2H-2(N) configurations.

It has decals for two main US Navy Schemes

This would look nice along side the previously reviewed Miniwing Release, the F2H-3 Banshee

Canopy: Clear plastic/resin
Decals by Y-Kraft of Japan

Available: April 2011
Price: 20.70 Euro

HD Images: 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07

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