Sunday, April 03, 2011

1/144 F-15 Gimix Series 5 - Tomytec

1/144 F-15 Gimix Series 5 - Tomytec (ex Takara)

A new series of F-15 Gimix edition aircraft, coming from Tomytec.

AC18 F-15J Squadron 304 of (Tsuiki)
AC19 F-15DJ Corps instructor flight (Tahara Shin), No. 090 Aggressor
AC20 F-15J Squadron 305 - 30th anniversary
AC21 F-15C fighter squadron 44 (Kadena)

Available: June 2011
Guide Price 1,900 (each item) - to be confirmed.


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John Haverstock said...

It looks like they are finaly doing a non JASDF kit: an F-15C, 44 FS. Lets hope it is popular enough to prompt them to do some other non-Japanese F-15s, maybe an RSAF and an IAF and possibly even a proper Strike Eagle someday. That would open up some interestng possibilities.