Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1/144 F-16E Block60/62 - Foxone "preview"

1/144 F-16E Block60/62 - Foxone "preview"
Following the recent poll of the Foxone blog readers, the F-16 came out tops as the clear winner.
3D CaD Design has already started........


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rmasu said...

F-16 is welcome and this block is very nice.
Just need be carefull in nose/canopy shape.(where I think Dml failed)
The LS is old kit but simple canopy still makes a good kit.
From trading toys I have acroteam..the nose is not bad but some details are poor

badger said...

The F-16 probably has some of the most amazing paint schemes from all over the world, but all we have is the poor DML & LS kits so far. F-Toys was great, but will cost upwards of $20USD per kit. FoxOne will be outstanding, but will probably cost 3000JPY.

Where is the promised new tooling kit from Trumpeter? I'd buy 50 kits if I could get them for under $8USD, and I can't be the only one. Serious money to be made here, Trumpeter! Revell, are you listening?

Anonymous said...

I'd be surprised if it were only 3000 yen. Still, fingers crossed.