Friday, July 15, 2011

1/144 JASDF F-2 & T-4 by Doyusha (Again)

1/144 JASDF F-2 & T-4 by Doyusha (Again) - MAS Series 20

So, Series, 16, 17, 19 did not contain enough F-2 and F-4 JASDF aicraft in blue or grey?

Good news for you!

Series 20 has more F-2 and F-4 JASDF aicraft in blue or grey !!! :roll:
This time these are the aircraft seen on the TV at Matsushima AFB following the Japan Quake.

you want to see more?

Available: TBC
Price: 600 Yen (each)

PS: series 13 & 15 had T-4 in "Blue Impulse" markings....


rmasu said...

That planes in Matsushima AB damaged by tsunami can be repaired?
Eletronics maybe was lost..

The good thing about trading toys are F-toys releases are improving quality(and diversity)maybe could be better if they let all decal markings to be applied by collector(so we can use decals in case of repaint), we need more twin birds(A-20,A-26,Hudson,F-7 Tigercat),more wing kit collections(still have A5mClaude to be released in a boxset maybe with one of luftwaffe itens I wrote here,a british Tempest,or Mig-3) more old jets like Vampires/Venons, Tunan/Viggen ,more T-birs as T-38(so many agressors colors),T-28,T-37,T-2 Buckeye,T-45,T-27,T-6 or even one of latest M-346,Yak and T-50...
Cafereo with his Big Birds looks are doing a beautifull Sm-79 and Bv-138.(and yes we wanted more big birds..and still waiting in see the special item of boxset)
The bad thing is Takara FAOW no more in cheap trading toys...and came only in expensive Gmix ways..and only re-releasing old itens with diferent could be nice see another boxset with for exemple Fw-190A4/5(early short nose),Me-109 Gustav(a g-6),Me-210/410, me-110G(nightfighter)...this just in Luftwaffe ...but why not make a Allied boxset?

rmasu said...

No more need F-7 Tigercat...Miniwings did one first!!!