Friday, July 29, 2011

1/144 Nakajima G10N by Fujimi (update)

1/144 Nakajima G10N 'Fugaku' by Fujimi

Fujimi appears to be planning to release a G10N 'Fugaku' kit, interestingly its "No.1" indicating there could be other bombers in this series.

Its not clear if its resin or plastic injection, if plastic it should be cheaper than the Anigrand and somewhat easier to assemble...

How big is big?
Its slightly smaller than a Boeing B-36, so if your estimating the display space requirements
its 35x41cm)

The price on the image obviously indicates 3,000 Yen (inc HLJ, so its probably the corret price), although various Japanese retailers have it pegged between 9,000 to 12,000 Yen - so, it's not very clear.

Hobby Search has 4x Different models (possible decal and paint options?) and a combo pack....
(Look at the HD Images : Photo #1 and Photo #2 )

Estimated Release : October 2011

1 comment:

zang92 said...

After Anigrand resin kit of this
paper project, here we have one of major model manufacturers who finds
nothing more interesting to do than spending time and money to
release in it's turn same unwanted
plastic model kit. There are so many great airplanes - civil or military - that would be worth having in our collections... It appears, more than ever, that people at Fujimi have gone real
unsane ! JCP