Saturday, July 16, 2011

1/144 KugelBlitz 38(d) & Conversions - CGD

1/144 KugelBlitz 38(d) & Conversions - CGD

CGD Unpainted German Kugelblitz turret set (CGD@eBAY)
Based upon German plans and prototypes for a innovative form of an armoured ball turret for duel 20mm Flak and 2x Crew. Designed to be mounted in Pz.Kpfw IV chassis with minimal adjustments to the standard chassis. This upgrades set comes with 2x turret options, 1x Level and 1x Raised 20mm canons. The turret conversions can be used with WTM & Cando/Dragon Pz.Kpfw IV models (and potentially others your think fit!) There is evidence for a small number of prototypes being produced, however, there is no confirmed reports of combat use in 1945.

Price: $10.90 for 2x turrets.

CGD '46 German Kugelblitz 38D 30mm Zwillingsflak (CGD@eBAY)
Taking the idea of the Kugelblitzs further, the next item is one based upon the Entwicklung Series (Standard Series) 38(D) "Hetzer" whereby the Kugel Blitz turret is mounted into a small cheap chassis.

Price: $19.90
Source: CGD@EBAY
Info: KG144BBS

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