Saturday, July 02, 2011

1/144 US Sherman Calliope Rocket Launcher T34

1/144 US Sherman Calliope Rocket Launcher T34 - CGD

The Sherman tank was the most widely used Allies tank in WWII. A lot of variations and updates were performed on the vehicles and some special purpose vehicles were also produced.

The Sherman Calliope was a successful attempt to mount the T34 Calliope System on a Sherman tank. The system was a multiple rocket launch system with 60 X 107mm rocket launching tubes. The system utilized the Sherman turret rotation and gun elevation as means of operation. The Sherman Calliope was able to deliver massive indirect support fire. But the effect, like other similar systems such as Soviet Katyusha or German Nebelwerfer, are more psychological than physical. About 200 were made in 1944.

CGD Sherman Calliope Full - $19.90 - (CGD@EBAY)
Takara WTM Calliope Conversion - $7.50 (CGD@EBAY)

Available: July 2011

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