Monday, July 18, 2011

1/144 Wargames South Releases

1/144 Wargames South Releases
Wargames South, the perveyour of excellent qaulity and great value metal miniatures (unpainted) have a number of new releases.

Addtionally, they are now accepting PAYPAL! on their updated website, all items also now priced in GBP and USD.

New Releases
British DD Sherman
British Ram Kangeroo
French Panhard Armoured Car
British WW2 Light Tank VI
American M3 General Lee

1/144 Vehicles and Figures


Anonymous said...

Also incoming: M36 Jackson, Cruiser Tank Mk II (unique in 1/144), Cruiser tank MkI (only available by Fairy) and Crusader III (only available by Metal troops)

machinehead1956 said...

Also later this year according to Jeff there will be the Italian M13/40 medium tank