Saturday, July 16, 2011

1/144 TSR-2 (RAF) & Eurofighter (ITA/ESP) - Pitroad

1/144 TSR-2 (RAF) & Eurofighter (ITA/ESP) - Pitroad

TSR-2 Strike (RAF) - What If schemes!
PitRoad continue to release some interesting options around the TSR-2.
This release is the "Strike" option, with two RAF schemes, one looks credible, the other is more 'imaginative' - maybe a Gulf War I option (with shark teeth and smart bombs) would be an interesting option for a future release?

As well as the additional decals, the kits comes with a "large belly drop tanks" and sets of "Martel Missiles"
Available: tbc
Price; 2.400 yen

EuroFighter - Italian & Spanish Decals
Further schemes for the Pit-road Eurifighter kit covering the Italian and Spanish Eurofighters.
It is not clear which weapons options will be provided with the kit.
Available: tbc
Price; 2.000 yen

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rmasu said...

I was comparing the PitRoad and Revell AG Typhoons .
The PitRoad surprise me... even with pins "a la trading toys" they have a superb fitting fuselage joints very well and the wings too ...
Even the canopy is good(maybe the part less brilhant in previous releases)..(they came with 2) one have no sprue link(but have a seam line) ...and full set of weapons..
the air brake can be done opened...
the only points where Revell kit can be better are...landing gear boxes(because Pit road opted by make possible fit the landing gear struts just attaching),canopy(2 parts but this if you wanted make a opened canopy kit) and decal quality and precision(now the pit road weak point)
But is very nice see pit road kits and see improvements in quality...
I fell lack of Platz new releases(after a very good A-4,still think they could made without integrated humpback,and diferent noses/canopy and tails)... and maybe no excited with Sweet(with only Zeros..)...
Now waiting in see Revell F-18E, and F-15E...and the so mysterious Academy Eurofighter,Gripen,Raptor and F-35