Saturday, March 11, 2006

1/144 M109a6 Paladin (Panzer Korps #26)

1/144 M109a6 Paladin (Panzer Korps #26)

Here is a simple representation of the M109a6 Paladin from the Dragon Panzer Korps Series (no. 26).
I actually bought this series by mistake I wanted the one with the British AS90 SPG! I must pay more attention on e-bay.... Still, there is not point wasting these items so I decided to try some "desert" scene painting. These color is a little washed out on the photos as its a shade darker in real life, also the camera also shows up and highlight items you dont see with the naked eye!


robert k said...

I have the m-109 and AS90.. and what brand of paint did you used?
Testors have in his acryl series paints for British Gulf armor (4813) and Us army/marines Gulf sand (4813) ...these are the paints I pretend use..

bluedonkey99 said...

I used "Vallejo Acrylics" 880 or 821 (sorry i cant remember exactly).

i then added a bit of Mr Color "Dark Iron" metallic paint to some for the Grilles.

finally added a wash of VA70826(826) to give some colour and weather effect.

i didnt think about putting some furhter higlights on here and there, but decided against it in the end.