Thursday, March 16, 2006

1/144 "WWII Warbird Volume " (F-Toys?)

2006/03/16) Fトイズ 1/144 WWⅡウォーバードコレクション 2006/05/下予定 予約受付開始

1/144 "WWII Warbird Volume " (F-Toys?)
This series has come out of the blue??

Due for sale in Japan 2006/05!

I think it might be F-Toys????
(a) due to the distribution of items vs specials
(b) F-Toys usually have fresh ideas when producing items!

8 "Types" + 4 Secret - similar to F-Toys twin engine perhaps?
10 items per box

2x Type - Japanese plane.
2x Type - Italian Mc 202 (Macchi).
2x Type - German Heinkel He-100.
2x Type - Russian IL-2M3 Sturmovik.

WWⅡウォーバードコレクション 10個入未開封BOX


robert k said...

This is a interessanting series.
Mc202...nice plane, he-100 (unusual), IL-2 (a very important plane) and that japanese plane(i forgot the name ..) and no Zeros or Me-109Fs!!
I think I will buy a boxset...
Only thing..they could change the paint..for a more easy to remove type.....

robert k said...

the japanese plane looks like Judy D4Y and the plane in the right could be the D4Y3 with radial engine..?

fumi said...

Mr.BD99. Thank you for information.
The Japanese plane is called "Suisei".
It is expected to be put on the market early.

robert k said...

Yes ,Fumi.. Suisei= Judy(american designation)
Fumi, I always see your Blog.. (as well the DORA blog) very nice works..I can´t forget that V2 complex..are amazing..your dioramas... I hope one day I reach your level...
I lived in Komatsu city for 2 years... and I saw the F-15s and T-4s return from training.. several times... do you still live or travel to Komatsu?

fumi said...

Thank you for Mr.robert k.
V2 was considerably enjoyed and made.
I often go out on business for Komatsu though I live in Tokyo.

robert k said...

Fumi if you pass in front or near route 8 and near Komatsu(factory) and Murata building...there are a Bicycle shop (Wheel works)here? If you have a little time ..can get a picture of this shop?
I was a client of this shop and I had good memories of the owner´s family and his cycling team ...and when I was coming back to my country the old shop was demolished to build the shinkansen route...was a hard time...the shop was placed temporary in a metal a very cold winter...
If you tell my name is possible they remember name is Roberto k. Masukawa

bluedonkey99 said...

Fumi V2 project is big inspiration - it is a wonder of the 1/144 world!!!