Thursday, March 02, 2006

Takara "World Wings Museum" - 3rd Squadron!!

Check the link below for high quality photos of this series;
- this is a must for ZERO Fighter Fans!!
The interesting aspect of this series is many are properly "weathered & worn" giving the models extra life and spirit!?
( some will love this feature - others will hate it - how would you like it on your tanks!!)
There also seems to be a method of automating the propellers -
I think this must be smilar to the "Wings of the Luftwaffe" series.
it is not clear is the mechanized propeller is just for the "specials"??
See Here!
more pictures

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robert k said...

This is a series.. where I will snipe 2 types in a E-bay.. one Rufe and a Trainer version..