Tuesday, March 28, 2006

1//144 1920-1930's aircraft by "KIRIN"? Skymax

A range of Aircraft released on 27.02.2006 in Japan
From what I can tell these are claimed to be 1/144
An interesting set!

but why is the DH88 Blue and not RED!!! - well it sees the dh88 is in "FIRE" Drink company colours not the classic world racer red!

Photos from http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k28913886

Seem to be some link between 2x "coffe drinks" and 1x airplane!

Curtis CR-3c

DH88 Rapide

GeeBee RAcer

Spirit of St Louis





Anonymous said...

hey.. these Dh88 and gee bee are beautifull.. strange I don´t see news about these and no e-bay auctions too..
This shows there are so many amazing uncovered planes..to release ..in place of more me-109s and zeros..

Anonymous said...

Stumbled by here by accident while searching for pocket money toys :-), but I'm glad I did, great blog, well done.

bluedonkey99 said...


gald you like the blog, be sure to keep coming back and checking it out!


Anonymous said...

A few currently available at Radjapan. They seem very rare.

Ben Parker

Anonymous said...

I picked up a set of these from Radjapan before they sold out. They are very nicely detailed and beautifully finished. The pieces pressed together solidly without the need for glue. The fit was excellent. Below are the wingspans I measured for those wondering how true to scale these models are. The measurements were done with a simple ruler so judge the numbers accordingly. The scale is calculated based on the wingspans listed on Wikipedia.

Vega - 87mm 1:144
Spirit of St Louis - 92mm 1:152
Gee Bee - 53mm 1:144
Curtis R3C - 46mm 1:146
DH.88 - 79mm 1:169
Hughes H-1 - 68mm 1:142

I feel very fortunate to have stumbled upon such a rare set of fine models. It's interesting to ponder all the history behind these fascinating aircraft.

Ben Parker

bluedonkey99 said...

Ben thanks for the sats.

They are an interesting collection of items and not to shabby considering they were given away on top of drinks cans!

I think a similar series would be nice if picked up and given the F-Toys treatment?

A seaplanes series was produced before, a nice schneider trophy series or as per the kirin series "milestones of flight" would be quite interesting,


Ben Parker said...

The top of drink cans? Amazing!

One more stat: I checked the length on the DH.88 and it's about 62 mm. That comes out to be about 1:142 (based again on wikipedia numbers). Maybe the model is based on a clipped-wing version of the plane. I haven't seen such a thing referenced on the net but it's not an uncommon practice for racers.

My complements on an excellent and informative blog!