Sunday, March 05, 2006

Panzer Pics

Wtm, i think (4) is ok as a priduction version?


wtmblogger said...

In your link, it said,

"Panzer II Ausf. b (PzKpfw IIb)
Again, not to be confused with the later Ausf. B, the Ausf. b was a second limited production series embodying further developments, primarily a heavy reworking of suspension components giving a wider track and a longer hull. Length was increased to 4.76 m although width and height were constant. Additionally, a Maybach HL62TR engine was used with new drivetrain components to match. Deck armor for the superstructure and turret roof was increased to 10-12 mm. Total weight was increased to 7.9 m. 25 were built by Daimler-Benz and MAN. in February and March 1937."

It concurs what I read from a book. The tank in the picture seems doing some kind of road tests to me.

fumi said...

Mr. BD99, hello. Welcome to my blog. Your work is heard from Mr. el_basser. It looks forward to being able to see your work in our exhibition.

bluedonkey99 said...

Fumi and welcome to you too!
it is true i will be sending items to Japan very soon!

余りにあなたへのFumi そして歓迎! それは私日本へ本 当非常にやがて送る項目をである!