Thursday, March 16, 2006

1/144 World Tank Museum #9 1 Box (10pcs) by SUBARUDO!!!

1/144 World Tank Museum #9 1 Box (10pcs) by SUBARUDO!!!

Interesting, the WTM9 series has been spotted available for preorder and with new photographs.

A very interesting point is that these are no longer sold as "TAKARA" but "SUBARUDO".
This seems to have taken effect since the Merger of TAKARA & TOMY

See the new "official" SUBARUDO World Tank Museum Pages!

This rebranding seem to have been carried through to the retailers who now list this item under the new product name.

This could be a move distinguish "trading figures" from the core toy business and the "CHOCO-Q" range of products also now lives with this brand!

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robert k said...

well is a very interessanting set .. all itens are unreleased stuff... so is good to buy a boxset...
as I told before..they only could replaced the t-10 for a Centurion or chieftain