Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cafe Reo Dirorama "Coaster" bases (6cm x 6cm) Update

HLJ are selling one of the two sets and they are they ones i have bought, i havent shown them all here but you get the idea!

note that the "road" scene shown here uses 2x road tiles, and before anyone point out a problem with the crazy taxi divers... Japan and the UK drive on the same side of the road ( i.e "left hand drive" )

Note: The Taxi's shown are from one of the TOMYTEC series - oddly I couldnt find these still available in Japan and ended up buying them from a company in Germany!


wtmblogger said...

I have decided to build something similar by myself as I think it should not be difficult although I haven't done that before. Will post them in my blog later. Please stop by and comment.

bluedonkey99 said...

The roadway should be a simple job to make!

Some wooden boards not sure what the lingo is isn the states but we have various types of modeling board or craft wood in the uk that would do fine.

some black/greay asphalt and then a bit or tape to mask items off and the job is a good 'un.

I look forward to what you do.

dont forget PROHOBBY did something similar in metal

I can post a close up of this item if you like - have one in my collection.

wtmblogger said...

Is it my monitor or real? The road looks like is painted in blue.

bluedonkey99 said...

must be your monitor

the tiles and ehe asphalt are definately black!!