Friday, March 10, 2006

Normal Service Resumed!

Its been a slow "news" week this week with not a lot to tell or show!
It also doesnt help that my camera went funny and deleted the memory card :(

I will posting some entires with some items off interest and some models I have been working on!

sadly, the "maus" model from Dragon shown above is a 1/72 item ..... maybe one day they will do another batch of 1/144 maus? Although I think that Dragon is stretching the truth with the item shown above as I have never seen this in photographs???? have you!?

On this note, please take a look at these interesting photos:



wtmblogger said...

Hi BD99.
Welcome back but I think Dragon released the Maus with the E-100 long time ago.

Anonymous said...

here is a pic of the Maus with the Haus!


bluedonkey99 said...

Thanks Railwaygun
have not seen this link before, the e-100 suspension is interesting, is that one or two suspension sets?