Sunday, March 26, 2006

1/144 Bandai Wing Club L4 - Specials! (UPDATED)

1/144 Bandai Wing Club L4 - Release Japan 28/March/06

The special aircraft are as follows - Pictures soon:

SP1. The fighter plane on the Mitsubishi zero type warship (Drab GREEN USA!! version!!) S

SP2. The Messerschmitt Bf 109 F (coloring it is different) (aaarrrhhh.... another desert version with "white" nose - the standard items has "black nose")

SP3. North American F -86 the F saber ( JAPANESE JASDF Version!)

better pictures:

standard WCCL4


robert k said...

Poor specials.. poor boxset.. No boxset buy..

Anonymous said...


As you say, I will buy one or two slected items only...


robert k said...

it could be interessanting if we have reports of sales of this WC4 in Japan... to see if they remains the same of previous Wc boxsets
I think F-toys are in the better direction...

Mehusla said...

Robet K said it perfectly, quote:

"Poor specials.. poor boxset.. No boxset buy..."