Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1/144 Control Tower

1/144 WWII RAFControl Tower (Also USAAF Eighth Air Force)
Ideal for Battle of Britian or any British Based Squadrons in WII.
I plan to do a version with textures..............


Lindley Ruddick said...

Great idea! Posting the drawing would be nice. By the way, I ran across a web site a couple of years ago that had lots of pictures of 1/144 B17s and B24s as formation aircraft with their wild paint schemes. It had something to do with a "muesuem/display" at an old airbase and was in a control tower (I think). Any leads?
Lindley Ruddick

bluedonkey99 said...


The plans for the drawing will come, i am planning to do a textured version first.

as for the B17/B24 dio,m sounds interesting, but not one i recall, sorry.