Sunday, November 16, 2008

1/144 Hanger

1/144 Hanger
I finally rebuilt a colour version of the tom.tom hanger!
I apologise, I am now aware of one or two mistakes I made in its redesign!
Also this weekend is Project144 exhibition, hopefully early next week we should see some photos?


pbhawkin said...

Nice work. Must get around and do one of these.
Are the windows just printed (if so look very realistic) or are they actually see through?


bluedonkey99 said...

The top coloured hanger has photo printed windows.

The bottom plain hanger has the original window frames printed onto acetate.

These do not take long,3-4 hours if you did it very carefully, or 1- hours including the associated barrack bocks - if you slap dash like me ! ;o)

Do use good quality card, eg 120-180gms, i also use textured card to give a little extra detail.