Sunday, November 23, 2008

1/144 Resin Kits by "MINIWING"

1/144 Resin Kits by "MINIWING"
Created by Radek one of the men behind the FE-Resin 1/144 kits, a new supply of aircraft coming our direction ! Where the models are the same as FE-Resin, I have noted the decals allow for additional or complementary schemes!
The CF-105 is a welcome sight to go with the Cafe Reo or Wolfpack TSR.2 and the proposed Anigrand V-Bombers!
Saab J-35A "DRAKEN" (2008)
Saab Sk-35C "DRAKEN" (2008)
Fi-103/V-1 (TBC)

Junkers Ju-87A-1 "STUKA" (2008)
Gotha Go-244 B-1 (2008)
Dornier Do-18 G-1 (TBC)
Avro CF-105 "ARROW" (Q1/2009)
Please see the following site for more detials!


閻驊 said...

I guess and hope the CF-105 will be the sercet bonus of Anigrand V-Bomber.IF dream come true,It's the best present on Year of the Ox (
Chinese New Year).

werwulf said...

I doubt if the CF-105 will be with the V-Bomber sets as the V bombers were built and fielded by Britain. The CF-105 was purely Canadian. I guess stranger things have happened and a Commonwealth link could be thrown in there but by this time we Canadians had broken away from the Commonwealth bond...more or less. As for the TSR by Wolfpack anyone have a website of said company, never heard of them and would like to get my hands on a TSR.2 before I get to left behind.

bluedonkey99 said...


try here:

they do paypal and the items shipped quickly

plenty of photos on the site too.