Friday, November 21, 2008

1/144 Photoetch by Brengun !!!!

1/144 Photoetch by Brengun !!!!

A new company Brengun is producing new photoetched 1/144 kits in conjunctione with Hauler (ex-extratech).
There area a range of GSE, Radar, Airraft Seats and Accessories. It is recommended you check their site.
The prices seem quite reasonable for the detail and quality of these products!


smeg1959 said...

First Eduard, now Brengun. What is it about Czechs and photoetched parts? ;-)

I love the Freya radar. It is an amazing coincidence that a similar item (along with the much larger Wurzburg unit) has appeared in 1/72 through ExtraTech, and that this was recently reviewed in the Sept 2008 issue of Scale Aviation Modeller International.

Whilst there is a dubious assumption that all aircraft seats made in a particular country are the same, those sets are impressive, and a price of around 45 euro cents per seat isn't bad either.

pbhawkin said...

I have emailed them to see if they are interested in doing PE catapault(s)!
will be interested to see. Especially as there is at least one available in Japan at least.

luft46nut said...

as the person who did the review for SAMI I can let you know that I am currently building the 1/144 Freya for another review sometime later this year. I'm about 30% complete but the rest shouldn't take much past the end of the month. What did you think of the review ?


William Moore

bluedonkey99 said...


I dont tend to buy real modelling magazines such as SAMI, in particular they dont have enough 144 content to make it worth while.

While I do aprreciate that SAMI is much better than the others for 144, I tend to spend my magazine budget on more mainstream aiviation magazines and periodicals.

Most of the 144 news in SAMI when published is obviously much older than the news on this site although I do again appreciate you pick up some leads in SAMI that I dont not have access to. The reviews tend to be too few and far between.

I do tend to flick through SAMI whenever I find it in a newsagent, which again in the UK tends to be only the larger stores.

So, unfortunately I havent read your review which sounds like it is a shame.

However, if you have an online or eletronic version of the review I would be most interested.