Thursday, November 20, 2008

1/144 ZERO FIGHTER (A6M3 Model 22) by Sweet

1/144 ZERO FIGHTER (A6M3 Model 22) by Sweet
In the biggest shock of the year - SWEET release another Zero!? (who would have thought it!)
Please do not mistake the A6M3for the A6M2!
It appears to be the retail package of the model recently supplied on the "1/144 Basic" Model magazine.
see details of the magzine andoriginal kit here:


pbhawkin said...

AHHH, NOW I get it!
Sweet are not so much selling model planes BUT rather selling nice box art work (the box happens to contain a model of some sort of Japanese fighter)!
Now I will have to start another collection of these kits in order to get a nice set of box art work.
Anybody want the box contents for free, I believe they build up into a plane called a Zero?

smeg1959 said...

Zero? Never heard of it. Are there any others available in 1/144 scale? ;-)

I agree with earlier observations about the Zero and wonder whether even Japanese modellers are becoming a little jaded with the number released in the scale.

I think someone at Sweet should check out Martin's polls for some suggestions.

PS. BD99, please do NOT post a poll asking us which model of Zero we'd like to see next. We may be forced to do nasty things to you ...

bluedonkey99 said...

...blast, and there i was all set to launch the Type 22a vs Type 22b vs Type 22c vs Type 22d and ust to be a bit wild, the 23c

Anonymous said...

Well, I would actually like to see a decent model 52 or even an A6M8, but I could wait until after they've done a MkVc and MkVIII Spitfire first.