Thursday, November 20, 2008

1/144 Sweet A6M2b Zero Fighter Akagi Fighter Group (Pearl Harbor) - UPDATE

1/144 Sweet A6M2b Zero Fighter Akagi Fighter Group (Pearl Harbor) - UPDATE
A new picture of the as ever nice Sweet boxes.
Just an update on the old B+W picture i posted a while back!


badger said...

I love how Sweet always puts an anime girl either smiling or just looking cute with her pet cat, while there's all sorts of carnage going on behind them. I'm only saying this in jest, so please don't think I'm taking myself too seriously. But you have to admit the ridiculous themes on their cover art, and how some might find them a bit offensive or tasteless.

Surprise attack by zeros get a cute surprised look on the anime Hawaiian girl picking pineapples with her pet cat. How nice.

109F4 Barbararossa version (which produced largest and most brutal battles, deadliest atrocities, terrible loss of life, and horrific conditions for Soviets and Germans alike) gets cover-art of cheering Nazi cats and a red head anime girl. Wow!

P-51B POW mustang, which probably resulted in the death of the pilot by either starvation or a horrific death march, gets a cute IJA anime girl holding a US pilot cat with a raised white flag. Very tasteful.

The others are really not bad, with some nice portraits. I mainly like the Hurricane aces, Saburu Sakai, and Hans-Joachim Marseille. Again, this is only half serious. Sweet is going for the cute factor, and I understand that. But not much of war is really all that cute, so they might want to just stick to portraits and paintings of flying maneuvers. Let's admit that warmachines were designed for one thing and it involved putting led or large holes in anything that stood in their way, including humans.

And enough with the zeros already. The IJN/IJA had other planes than zeros. I can name 30 other planes which havne't been made in 144 yet, so stop shoving zeros down our throats! We love your kits and admire the detail in the toolings. But give us something to cheer for while you space out the zero releases a little more. Pretty please with a kitten on top.

bluedonkey99 said...

dont forget some of ther earlier kits came with "cats" as ground crew!!!

smeg1959 said...

Badger, I totally agree with your observations regarding cutesy anime and the reality of war. However, think of all the situations our Sweet young lady and her feline friends could get up to on the boxart for a SPITFIRE!