Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1/144 Modern Jets + GSE by Century Wings

1/144 Modern Jets + GSE by Century Wings
As seen at this years Shizouka show!
Aircraft - Now available!
GSE + Groundcrew - To be Announced...



badger said...

$18 USD for 1/2 inch towing tractors. $12 for 4 deck crew. A bit on the expensive side for low quality. Hardly any surface detail and the paint looks to have been brushed on with shaky hands. The tow tractor specially looks uneven and almolst hand painted, much like something I used to do when I was 5.

I would have expected more from Century Wings. I guess the outstanding finishing quality of the kits in from the Project144 gathering raised the bar too much!

bluedonkey99 said...

They do look a bit "prohobby" like.

it might be worth looking at PG Models or Flying fish for GSE?