Tuesday, November 04, 2008

1/144 Wing Club kit 2 - Secrets

1/144 Wing Club kit 2 - Secrets
Some secret items from this series!
I did find a picture of the Typhoon Special under wings (E***?), but have"lost" it ;o(
Otherwise, it lools like the standard European Theatre Typhoon,
but marked "HF*L" with DDAY stripes on the under wing sections!

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smeg1959 said...


The Typhoon "special" is pictured in a link in your report on the Radicon Model Festival (i.e. two blog entries below this one). The URL is http://homepage3.nifty.com/8bee/h_typhoon_s_ftoys.html.

This Mk.IB, serial no. JR128 and coded HD-L, belonged to 183 Sqn and was the subject of a 1/48 scale model by Hasegawa a short while back.