Thursday, November 06, 2008

1/144 FW189A by "Petersplanes"

1/144 FW189A by "Petersplanes"
can't wait for Anigrand?
only want a nice FW189A ?
contact Petersplanes
lots more besides this one too!


lakespeed said...

Looking good Peter, looks like I'm going to need to place another order with you again soon!

smeg1959 said...


The Fw189A and website are looking great. It is commendable that you have never backed down from modelling an aircraft which might be deemed complex. And the result of your labours is that our collections get some much-appreciated variety.

The Fw189A is one of my all-time "faves", along with the Fokker G.1 and the He119. And you've cast all three!

PS. All you overseas collectors - take advantage of the sorely undervalued Aussie dollar to get yourself some great little resin kits.