Sunday, November 08, 2009

1/144 Antonov AN-2 "Colt" by A-Model

1/144 Antonov AN-2 "Colt" by A-Model
A new kit by A-Model and I can garentee you havent seen that many of these around in 144.

The Antonov AN-2 "Colt" is probably the most sucessful aircraft most people have never heard of?

It is the 'Volkwagen' of the skies with 18-20,000+ built since 1947 (only the C-130 has been built for longer, but in far less numbers @ less than 3,000) .

Pre-production sprues can be seen here, along with addtional images,

A rough translation indicated that there will be muliple issues/version of this kit (tbc?)
(Water or Ski version?, plus colour/decal options, as per A-Model usual operations)

It comes with a range of decals, of which some are frankly bizarre? Why the Nazi Luftwaffe decals when this aircraft entered prodution on 1947?

Another point of interest is the Photoetched panel, as it includes a nice cabin hoist!

more information in the AN-2


pbhawkin said...

Is it me or does the canopy glazing appear not to fit?
I will probably get it anyway as it is an interesting plane that operated in South America too.
Like the PE of the crane and could use that in a diorama too.
Hmm, Swastikas??

Anonymous said...

There's a subject that will please many I think. An aircraft that was actually built...and how :-)

Yes, I hope they do a bit more work on the canopy before it is released!

Maybe the Soviets used these as a substitute for a Luftwaffe aircraft in a movie?

Bruce said...

Excellent. I'm happy to see A Model keep putting out things on their list, and this one hasn't been done before which is a major plus. I'll grab a couple.

Model Builder said...

I will get one, as this is one of my favorite aircraft. The Swastikas decals are probably due to the fact that the AN-2 was used in a recent WW II movie.

Pablo Ziegler said...

Well done, A Model! At least!

Seems to be the first of a series: the samll sprue can be replacer to depict more versions (maybe even the An-3), and for shure there will be a floatplane, as the winch and rudders in the fret indicates!

About the swastika, there have been many An-2 playing the role os nazi bombers for movies and shows. Here's an example:

I can't wait for this kit / kits!

smeg1959 said...

According to various websites, the An-2 has been adorned with all sorts of insignia to please mainly Eastern European filmmakers - anything from early-WW2 US stars to Japanese hinomaru. The celluloid-Luftwaffe DA+FA gets a guernsey on Wings Palette (

And here's one for Peter H. According to the An-2 entries at and, Hayao Miyazaki sent a bright-red An-2 on a tour of Japan to promote his anime epic, Porco Rosso. Something to put with your Savoia S21 and Curtiss R3C0 ...

Skywalker said...

wow ! can´t wait to get one ! One of my favorite planes... I start to think on a diorama....

144hack said...

This is what I've come to appreciate A-Model for. Wish more manufacturers would embrace 1/144 with fresh, affordable offerings. While not the best tooling to be found, I still consider the products well done. This one should be a good seller. I wonder if the multi-media will be showing up more in their future releases. It's an attractive feature, my opinion.