Friday, November 06, 2009

1/144 Bombers Arrive in UK

1/144 Bombers Arrive in UK
Sold arround the world these 1/144 models have now been released into the UK & ROI Market.
These kits are being sold on a subsciption basis by Deagostini one of the world largest perveyors of subscription based "collections".
In continetial mainland europe these aircraft are sold under the Atlaya branding (an DeAgostini Company).
In the USA they appear to be available at some hobby stores under the IXO branding.
It appears that IXO models are produced in China, and therefore DeAgostini probably have the European or "rest of world (outside USA)" distribution rights?
Interestingly the IXO webstore now will sell its Cars on a global basis...., but no sight of the aircraft yet...
One or two things for you to note regarding the DeAgostini subscription model, it is not like Atlas Editions where you can choose to return any item you no not like. I personally prefer the IXO models to the Atlas Editions (obviously both will replace damaged items - that said, i once returned an ATLAS Editions lancaster twice as the tailplanes had been fitted the wrong wayaround, they then took offence and i cancelled my subscription! )

Available: Now
Price 9.99GBP (by subscription)


pbhawkin said...

I would be happy to have ANY of the English edition booklets that people might not want!
Peter H

Iagoba said...

They have all their aircraft listed, incluiding the 1/72 series plus the 1/144 bombers.

Check the tab "Ixo Junior":

bluedonkey99 said...


thx, how ever sadly most of 1/144 items are not listed :(