Saturday, November 07, 2009

Anigrand News

Anigrand News (winter 2009)
Shorts Sperrin - V-Bomber Insurance
You may remember the post on this blog in March 09 regarding the "Forgotten V-Bomber" the Shorts Sperrin? It has now been confirmed that the Sperrin and the bonuses revealed will be released shortly. It was scheduled for Winter 2009, if that still the case it should be long now!?

+ P1127, Harrier Prototype
+ Short SB5, EE Lightning forerunner
+ Javelin FAW9 All weather interceptor

Beriev VVA-14M1P (M-62)
Another wierd soviet flying machine, part "WIG" ekranoplan and part Altitude Flyer!
It looks like it should be on "Thunderbirds"!?
+ bonus aircraft (tbc)

Junkers EF.132
Another German Paper Plane, in so much it never got beyond wind testing. Some would maintain it influenced later Soviet designs as the materials and desgin teams were taken baxk to Russia.
+ bonus aircraft (tbc)


Bruce said...

The German paper project does look a bit like a Badger I suppose.

3 more subjects I wont have to waste any money on.

bluedonkey99 said...

Bruce (or anyone else for that matter)

what type of subject would you like to see?


Bruce said...

I know the Luft '46 market is huge and more power to the vendor who caters for it, but I get depressed at the huge opportunities missed in these Soviet/Russian subjects. I pointed out some of the production aircraft options available with the announcement of the Myasischev Bison, and Arnold told me there would be production aircraft in the extras...a Yak-27K and Yak-28-64. No one likes a smartarse.