Sunday, November 01, 2009

1/144 Valentine & Bishop - Panzer Depot

1/144 Valentine & Bishop - Panzer Depot
Panzer Depot have issued this months models and have produced a nice classic piece such as the Valentine and the more unusual Bishop!

The Valentine is well known to history buffs and wargamers but overlooked on the sivler screen!
However a interesting and widespread tank, that saw action from early in the war until the final days!

The Bishop is a more unusal beast, and one I wasnt aware of until quite recently - who says modelling and collecting teaches you nothing!.

An interesting adaptation of the Valentine, The Bishop (no its not a dalek!) was an attempt was made to mount the classic 25Pdr Field Gun onto a mobile chassis! Well, lets just say it would not make the "Top 10" in AFV Advancements!

Available: November 2009
Cost: 15-16 USD


badger said...

Speaking of armor, does anyone know where Atelier kits can be purchased from? Their website is:

These kits look amazing, but they don't sell overseas. Probably a good thing since I'd blow a month's salary on their selection anyway. Still, it'd be nice to get a few of these, even if were possible.

bluedonkey99 said...

Sadly not.

HLJ sell the 1/35 range, but not the 1/144. HLJ state that their wholesaler doesn’t stock the 1/144 range at present!?

It seems strange that HLJ get their stuff through a wholesaler, or only through a single wholesaler??

I think we are used to a more western model where a Hobby Store would source from a range of suppliers.

It must be noted that the Japanese retail/wholesale network is somewhat different to other regions - ever wondered why trading toys come with candy? It means they can be sold in "candy" stores and not restricted to "Toy" stores.

Anonymous said...

They sale as candy can avoid tax because all commercial goods need to pay tax in Japan except food.

smeg1959 said...

In the same vein as the KV-II, the Bishop was one of several WW2 SP guns in which the height of the turret clearly wasn't an issue. The idea was to make it as heavily armoured as practicable. Who cares if it called out to the enemy, "Hey, I'm over here. Shoot me!"

Panzer Depot has to be complimented on its output. It clearly hasn't taken the CanDo approach re: more Panthers, Tigers, King Tigers, etc. than you can poke a stick at. Other than those UK firms producing white metal product and Pro-Hobby in Japan, British AFVs have been badly served in the scale, so it's great to see the Valentine and Bishop.

Now, Panzer Depot, what about the Matilda - both Mk I and Mk II?