Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anigrand Releases - November 2009 (upd)

Anigrand Releases - November 2009
A number of releases are now available from Anigrand.
See links below for parts photos:

Starwars Lambda Shuttle (+ Bonus) -

Soviet Bison (+ Bonus) -
Escorts include:Yak-27K, Yak-28-64, LL-3

Luftwaffe Bomber Set -


werwulf said...

WOW, anigrand sure has taken to the Starwars stuff! Nice to see the Bison coming out as well and could the Secret jets be a TU- 28/128 Fiddler and a Yak-28 Firebar?

bluedonkey99 said...

Escorts include:Yak-27K,Yak-28-64,LL-3

Anonymous said...

Bluedonkey, you mean YAK-28K, TU-28 and LL-3, right?!

bluedonkey99 said...


I just repeat what i saw, I am no Soviet Aircraft expert so I dont know enough on the subject.

I am willing to acecpt your correction..

many thanks

badger said...

BD's right.

The escorts are Yak-27K, Yak-28-64, LL-3

Check out the following site for pictures of the Yak-28-64:

We might get a Tu-28/128 in a future release.

Bruce said...

I knew they were coming and yet the bonus kits on the Bison are still a crushing dissappointment.

IKE said...

I'm always thank you for your bonus kit information of ani-kits:)

I just updated my inventory again,and upload pdf file of that.