Monday, November 09, 2009

1/144 Piasecki HUP-2 - By Miniwing

1/144 Piasecki HUP-2 - By Miniwing
An Early utility and resuce helicoptor uses by the US Navy and French Navy.
This is a nice clean and fresh kit with a good level of detail.
There is both inter cockpit features and interior decals (by Y-Kraft), the exterior declas cover both US & French usage.
You will notice a new procedure being added to protect some of the finer and delicate part in the kits, so there is less transportation spoilage. It will however require a littel bit more attention on behalf of the modeller.

The canopy is the usual vac-form option, with 2 pieces being supplied!

Available: Now
Price: 18- Euro


144hack said...
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144hack said...

Aaahhh yes! 1/144 looking better all the time. Sounds like a bunch of re-releases of FEResin coming down the pipe. Kinda wish it didn't all come at once, though, re budgetary considerations.

144hack said...

Anybody else having trouble getting Miniwings website ?????

badger said...

No, it appears to be up and running.

bluedonkey99 said...


it gets worse for your budget, there are some interesting new items coming over the next few months!!!!


badger said...

Speaking of Fe-Resin, someone has a TA-4 2 seater on ebay. I don't recall Fe-Resin ever releasing this. Does anyone know if this is a new kit they'll be putting out or a a special item they put out in limited quantity?

The canopy appears to be solid resin, which is not something that Fe-Resin is known for. They're pretty much always a clear vacform or clear resin. Perhaps a fake? Any ideas?

Item# 180430738795

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found TA-4 on eBay. It´s not FEResin kit. It´s only FEResin´s box with some kit, from Airalex, I think. Miniwing want make TA-4 in future.

bluedonkey99 said...

I agree Fe-resin box, with most likely an Airalex or Don Schmenk kit.

Skywalker said...

wow ! very good. But the prices of the miniwings kits are not good...

smeg1959 said...


I agree re: the TA-4. Definitely a home-made modification of an FE-Resin box with a Don Schmenk casting within (it appears on the list Don sent me around 12 months ago). The seller Cal Faber is auctioning quite a bit of stuff on eBay at the moment. I bought his PlaneArts Me264 Amerika - lovely piece of carving.

You mention Airalex. Visiting his site, I note that Alex has announced that he is selling a large part of his collection, starting with kits and prebuilds. Hopefully not another victim of SHRS - spousal hobby rejection syndrome!

bluedonkey99 said...


not quite, alex has realsied he is never going to build all the models he has. therefore he has decided to thin out his collection.

I did ask him if this meant he was packing in 144 completely, he said no. By making room he can continue to run the casting and resale side of his business.