Sunday, November 29, 2009

1/144 F-104 Luftwaffe Decal Set by Astra Decal

Astra Decal is brand of DACO Decals, who in turn researches design decals for Revell (Germany) Gmbh.

This means the authenticity of this product is unquestionable!?
They shoulf also be proper screen printed decals, not alps! :0)

This is an amazingly complete set of decals that enable you to complete over 1000 (!) different configurations of German Luftwaffe Starfighters (Bare Metal Finish versions excluded).
I think it would be true to say if your a Modern Era Luftwaffe or a F-104 Fanatic this has to be on your list of purchases! It might even be true to say that a large number of these decals could be used in general modeling (if your not a rivet counter!)
If you wish to see "super size images" click below:
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Product Page
Decal #1
Decal #2
Decal #3
Decal #4
Decal #5

Available: Now!
Price: 10 Euro

A full set for Belgian F-104's is also planned:

On another note:
It is Shame the 'Dirty Diana' F-16 decals are not in available in 144!!
Only the Dutch AF would be alowed to paint their aircraft like this, it wouldnt be permmited in the UK! :o(


badger said...

Actually, Astra released the Dirty Diana about 6 months ago, in 1/144.

Check out:

They're pretty neat, although missing a lot of the stencil detail which came with the 1/48 version. Here's hoping that Platz will release a proper F-16 eventually, and MYK to follow with decals shortly thereafter.

bluedonkey99 said...

thanks badger, I hadnt spotted those!