Monday, November 02, 2009

1/144 Lancaster (New Decals / Old Kit) by minicraft

1/144 Lancaster (New Decals / Old Kit) by Minicraft
I think from questions asked on the 'Yahoo Small Scale Model Forum' that these are the old kit, but it does seem to have two new sets of Decals!

The top box is marked as

#14597 1/144 Avro Lancaster MK-1 "RCAF" Moose Squadrons + RAF + RAAF

The second box is
# 14588 1/144 Avro Lancaster MK-1 RAAF G for George + RAF Markings

Availability: Appears to vary by country or region!!! (hence, why i have listed them here...)
Price: @7GBP


Christopher S said...

I bought the new P-51D "Barfly" kit. Nice looking decals but kinda disappointing that the kit hasn't been enhanced. I believe there B-24 is suppose to be new but I'm not entirely sure. If this is true, I hope they've remodeled the Avenger too.

Bruce said...

They ae all the old Crown kits as best I can tell. Haven't seen the B-24 from a new box though.

smeg1959 said...

I noticed that there are "new" versions of the P-38J, Ju88A, He111H, B-29A and S-54, amongst others. I found one reference to the B-24J kit having engraved panel lines (the Crown Lib had raised lines), so there is hope. But I tend to think the lion's share are simply re-issues with new decals like the P-51D and Lanc.

badger said...

They're all slight improvements over the 25 year old molds. None of them are on par with Platz, F-Toys or even A-Model. Other than for the new decals, there's really no reason to get these.

The Avenger might be the only one worth looking at, since the Bandai kits have always sold in excess of $40USD on ebay. If it were only economical, I'd make resin copies of my Bandai kit. Alas, the cost for silicone rubber and urathane resin will jack the price up regardless.

Bruce said...

$40 you say....I think I need to sell some Avengers :-)