Monday, November 16, 2009

Project 144 10th Exhibition - Official Gallery @ Fumi (Updated)

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A high standard of presentation as usual, also many garage kits you never can buy ;-(


badger said...

Look at all those Fairy kits! It's probably a good thing I don't live in Japan. Can't imagine how I could afford the massive amount of new kits they produce monthly.

bluedonkey99 said...


however, if you lived in Japan you could get these kits at the proper prices and they would not break the bank!!


smeg1959 said...

Yes, and then you could sell the extras on evilBay and turn over more than the gross domestic product of most medium-sized countries!

One of my Aussie colleagues has contemplated flying over to Japan for one of these conferences, a couple of empty suitcases in hand. Way to go!

badger said...

I honestly have mixed feelings about the fleecing that goes on ebay, when it comes to models. I'm grateful that a handful of entrepreneurs from Japan have decided to put festival items for sale on auction sites. Without their money making venture, we'd never have the opportunity to get 99% of the items out there. But when prices reach $60-$100USD for a single kit, sometimes measuring no more than an inch of resin, it's hard to stay calm.

I often get the feeling that the fierce bidding on ebay is due to most people not really knowing the face value of kits, at shows. Or perhaps they don't know how to go about getting some of the more attainable items. For example, I see TAC kits sell for $80 on ebay, whereby a single email to Yuuichi will get you the same kit for $30 along with a very nice friend in Japan. Ykraft decals go for $1 directly from Yuuichi, or you can buy them for $7 from others.

I'm all for people making money and being compensated for their services and ventures. But we've reached a point where the joy of sharing one's goods is being overshadowed by greed, fed by the complete ignorance of a handful. The entire point of the festivals are to share the art, ideas, and specialty items. Yet, I imagine that half of the Fairy kits are picked up by a couple of guys who put it all on ebay and to make money off of someone else's product.

Technically, it's not even their fault that the bidding gets out of hand. It's the uninformed with deep pockets which ruin it for the rest of us. But, the sellers would be my personal hero if they just offered the items with buy-it-now, with perhaps a 30% markup. Still, capitalism rules and all it takes a single person to cause a bidding war that quickly gets out of hand.

At least Kamide, Matsuo, and Anigrand kits can be purchased easily and their selection will keep one busy for years. Hopefully we'll get Fairy, Atelier, Labsychdelico, and Dameya to follow soon, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Until then, I'll be saving $450 to get the Bandai Apollo 11!

pbhawkin said...

Well, I will be putting one of my 1/144 Beaufighters up on Ebay as a trial soon (in a week or two).
I DON'T want ANY of the people who frequent here to bid (please email me privately or via my website)!
I will be VERY interested to see what price it goes for. Treat this as an experiment!

Peter H

bluedonkey99 said...

Its true, the cost kits or even the box sets at the festivals are very reasonable.... As with most elements of supply and demand the middleman takes the larget cut :(

Anonymous said...

Please don't confuse my ability and will to spend more money than you with ignorance. I know perfectly well what the price in Japan is, I also know perfectly well that when I want that special kit, I will have to pay the price. Going to Japan to buy it there would cost me a lot more.
What I read above, sounds like a special plead to collectors to not spend any money, so that you can buy something. Looks more like jealousy to me.Just because you collect something, you do not have an intrinsic right to be able to buy something.