Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1/144 IJA/IJN "What IF" (Re-Issue) Algernon Products

It would also appear that Algernon are pulling out all the stops, not only should there be a preview or actual sales of the New Dive Bomber Series - There appear to be a re-issue (and repaint) of the old Cafe Reo "What If" Series!

Algernon (New Issue) Repaint - Bonus Free PC Wallpapers!

Cafe Reo (Original)
KG144 (Original Post)

More news at Wonderfest 2010 (7th Feburary)


badger said...

Since 90% of the already released "What If" was in IJN green, I take it these will be some other color?

Very doubtful!

Marvin said...

I'm not opposed to the re-release of the "If" planes, I just wish they'd actually fix the dihedral on the Ki100s! I had to do some massaging on the wings to get them to the right look.

bluedonkey99 said...


you optimistic soul!

of course they will be green as usual, i suspect the markings or numbering may differ !?

...time to get your eye piece out!

smeg1959 said...

I fear BD99 is right. All my references to the four aircraft abound with IJN Green. It is a real pity that the IJN didn't acquire some novel camo ideas from the Europeans. Best hope here is something mildly interesting in the chutai/sentai tail markings.