Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1/144 Fw-190C-0 V18/U1 - Miniwing.Cz

1/144 Fw-190C-0 V18/U1 "Kanguruh" - Miniwing.Cz

Another FE-Resin reissue from Miniwing, whilst not a new kit, it is from a new mould!

It is another kit that should have lutwaffe fans interested, this is a real flier not "Luft 46".

It is i think a Fw190c modified as to be a prototype for a High Altitude Interceptor....,
As such, it was esentially superceeded by the Fw-190 D-9 and never went into production/

It would appear that the "Kangaroo" knickname was a reference to the Supercharger input for the DB603 engine on this airframe.

Available: Now
Price: @12GBP


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smeg1959 said...

Another FE-Resin item revisited. The V-27, which was to be the prototype for the Fw190B, was also released by FE-Resin several years back.

What's the story re: Miniwing and FE-Resin? Is the latter feted to disappear as Miniwing expands?

bluedonkey99 said...

FE-Resin have produced some of thier own designs recently, just not that many of them.... The Boulton Paul Defiant being one of them!

Miniwings as we know was part of FE-Resin before differences over kit selection strategies.

Miniwings is doing a solid job of (a) making new kits, and (b) making new moulds for a selection of ex-FE kits that otherwise would be unavailable!?

FE-Resin appear to have fallen as sleep on the job?