Monday, January 11, 2010

1-144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.4 (update 2)

SPITFIRE, STUKA and some Japanese Thing!?
more pictures here: @

Platz Blog - has higher quality images

Available: 2010/03/29
Price: Y500 each

Well some remarkable and news and some incredible news!!!

Japanese x3 + series Special
Ki-43 Hayabusa/Oscar fighter - Kumagai Army flight school (?)
Ki-43 Hayabusa/Oscar fighter - 77 Squadron / 2ndWing (?)
Ki-43 Hayabusa/Oscar fighter - 64 Squadron / 3rd Wing (?)

Spitfire MK Vb WX-C (AA853) W/Cdr Witorzeńć. 302 Sqn 2nd (Polish) RAF Dieppe, France 1943

Spitfire MK Vb
SD-J ( X4272)of Flt Lt David Fairbanks, No 501 Sqn, Friston, June 1944

Spitfire MK Vb AV*D (EN853) Maj William 'Jim' Daley, 335th FS/4th FG, USAAF

I think the Spitfire on the WCK4 box art could be:
Spitfire MK Vb FN-T (EN786) K.Birkstead (Danish), 331 Sqn (Norwegian) RAF 1942

Stuka Ju-87 G-2 II - Ernst Rudel (Doh!, not again!!)
Stuka Ju-87 D-5 - Winter
Stuka Ju-87 D-5 - Splinter

Yes, Spitfires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 types + Special (?)
The baseline camo is the same on all 3x types, with only the decals or the D-Day stripes overpainted!? A bit dissapointing, a little more variation would have been nice?

and, erm Stukas ...... I wonder if there is a connection with Algernon/CafeReo??

At least the Winter Stuka looks new, the other not sure, bit OMFG another Hans-Ulrich Rudel (bandai did it first, there is a fear that Algernon/CafeReo will also make one??)


Wonderfest 2010(w) Photos (after Heliborne 4) via 8-Bee Blog


rkmasu said...

So F-toys came to save us again!!!
A spit MkV and ki-43..(I prefered the Ki-84..but ki-43 is ok since there are multiple repaint possibilities) the spit V we could make some with long,short wings,with filter nose,maybe MTO,
I just want more spits in boxsets than Stukas...
Good 2010 start!!
What we can expect later?
F-toys twins ..with Tigercat,Ju-88G,Me-210/410,blenhein....
F-toys helos with Ch-46,Uh-1D/H,Mi-8,or tiger ,merlin,ecureil..or Ec-135?
And I would like to see a F-toys Trainers birds with some unreleased planes like T-38 talon, T-37 tweet,maybe a more delicate paint for T-4(a nice plane),T-2 buckeye, TA-4J/Oa-4M ...we have hawks,alpha jets,T-33..

Marvin said...
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Marvin said...

OMG! It's about time!!! Like BD99 I'm a bit bummed by the single camo scheme on all three non-special Spits. Perhaps the bonus kit will have the desert camo from North Africa?

@rkmasu: maybe they'll have KI-84s in the next release? BWC's version was very well made so I'm not too hot to get more from FToys. Maybe they'll do one in alum mottled with IJA green and one in just IJA green. The KI-43 is definitely a welcome addition.

BTW, I hope FToys would leave the decaling to us collectors again instead of doing it halfway like they did in vol. 3!

Here's to more Spitties in future F-Toys Wing Kit collection sets! I want some MK IXs and MK XIVs!!! Oh how about some Reggianes and Fiats while I'm at it?

bluedonkey99 said...

if my hunch is correct youll not be seeing a desert spit!

Marvin said...

Why is that BD? Whatcha thinkin'?

I just wish these would come as generic as they can be... imagine not having to repaint each plane, just have to slap a few decals from mehusla and you have a whole squadron!

I really hope they'd do desert spits, after all they did a desert version of the Tiffy, of which only 3 were made.

I wish they were not Mk Vs tho... it's been covered by both Crown and Minicraft.

Bruce said...

A Vb is about the least desirable version they could make (oh how cool it would have been if it were a Vc) and Ftoy would be well down my list of preferred suppliers, but we really shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth....hooray, it's a Spitty.

A Vokes filter would be super duper cool though!

Anonymous said...

Crown = Minicraft

Also, a SUPER CRAPPY model, so really doesn't count.

Bruce said...

Ki-43 is an ok choice too. Bandai made the 1 and did a great job except for the no windscreen thing, and the LS kit of the -II is ok, but there wasn't a collectable version of the later marks. A Nate or even a Ki-10 would have been cooler but I guess we'll have to wait for them.

bluedonkey99 said...

I agree with Anon

Crown = Minicraft = $%£$%

I dont mind F-Toys (there are not that many plaers left in town) doing this item, it would be great had it been takara! however, as in hopefully inevitable or coincidental - Mabe now we will now be flooded with options from sweet & Platz (well, one can hope!?)

Marvin, i put the phoot image through photoshop to tart up the image and make the lettering learer! Whilst is still only a "guest-imate" i thinbk its another ETO based aircraft as per my post!

smeg1959 said...

2010 delivers ...

When I saw "Spitfire", I thought it was another case of the famous "Bitter" mock-up! With the loss of Bandai and Takara re: WW2 aircraft, I guess that F-Toys was the most likely manufacturer to bring a "trading mini" version of the Spitty to the table.

Like Bruce, I have reservations re: the quality, but we can't look a gift-horse in the cakehole. And Marvin's observation re: decalling is spot on, too.

Re: the Japanese selection, the Hayabusa isn't a bad choice as there are a number of interesting camo schemes possible. And, guys, it isn't a Zero!

And I concur with several of Roberto and Marvin's proposals for future fare - votes from me for the Me210 or Me410, Blenheim (both Mk I and Mk IV versions), Fiat CR32, CR42, G50, Re2000, etc. Ah, the possibilities ...

bluedonkey99 said...

Indeed we will have to see!

Its variable, we cant work out whether this is down to the design engineers or the prodction engineers used for each series?

as long as they are better than the 21st Century models and an improvement over the Bandai Spits?

shame Takara never did a FAOW:RAF series!?

rkmasu said...

Yes!! This is true..a Takara FAOW Raf and later USAF was so good if happened... but they think only in F-15s...
We could imagine...a RAF boxset with Tempest,Spit mkI or mkIX ,a Gladiator and beaufighter/ blenhein?
Or a USAF boxset with P-39,P-40E/M,P-38J,A-20 boston and a P-59 as special..
Even a russian/french boxset..
So many things to release..than more Zeros and F-15s, or F-14 and F-4s....
And after all they shame the crisis...

rkmasu said...

Some years ago in Hyperscale I saw a pool list with most wanted kits in all scales ...the list is there in archives in hyperscale page..
well Trumpeter listen the model builders keep the list in mind and released almost all top wanted kits in 1/48 and 1/32 scales...
And now who could believe Trumpeter playing cards with aces..and putting old brands as Hase/fujimi/tamiya/revell in disvantage..?
Just because they listened what the people want... not what they think we want...

badger said...

Hires photos available at:

They look like the typical F-Toys release. Basically, somewhere between Bandai and 21st Century. To me, it appears that F-Toys Wing Kit Collections are not as detailed as the Workshop Collection. You don't get the rivets and as many panels as we've come to expect. Paint quality seems to be a bit off as well.

Of course, nothing really compares to Takara's build and paint quality, and that includes anything I've ever built. Too bad they're not a normal 144 hitter and only release what appear to be specials every once in a while. Presently, they're stuck in F-15 mode, even if they are amazing in quality!

bluedonkey99 said...

thanks for the heads up on the photos.

I think (hope) the paint is proto paint as it looks almost hand done (not even airbrushed) and we have seen this before. *usually* the paint ends up some what better.

as for the quality ... Until Takara sees the light and applies thier GiMix techmolog to WWII were a bit stuffed for choices!