Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1/144 'Mistel' Ta 154 / Fw 190A Pulkzerstörer - By Roberto

A late arrival at the Aerodrome tonight...

1/144 'Mistel' Ta 154 / Fw 190A Pulkzerstörer - By Roberto

Roberto has completed an interesting combination of a Takara Fw-190 + Ta-154 to provide the composite parts. Another good job well done on the painting and even the interiors have been decorated.

Its not clear as to wether this configuration got anywhere beyond the Drawing board (or napkin), different sites give different views regarding Design, Build and Flight - the conservative would say it is a paper based combination only....?

If only Amodel would hurry up and produce the Ju-88 Mistel, then you would see something really special coming out for Roberto Workshop!


smeg1959 said...

Roberto, you beat me to it! The Ta154/Fw190 Mistel has been on my "To Do" list for over a year, although I was thinking about doing the variant with the explosive nose.

Historically, the story goes that the Ta154 required a special adhesive to bind the wooden framework together. The factory manufacturing the adhesive was bombed by the RAF and another glue was substituted at the last minute with disastrous consequences. Goering wouldn't wear the truth about why Ta154 prototypes fell apart in midair, accusing Kurt Tank of sabotaging his own design. In response, Tank investigated the possibility of a Mistel arrangement similar to that already trialed with the Ju88A.

Were any Ta154 Misteln constructed? It appears possible that at least one was partially constructed, albeit without explosive charge. However, I have yet to see any firm evidence of this published to date.

Anyone with anything more concrete?

rkmasu said...

There are a modeler in Japan who made a superb Ta-154 with warhead..
I don´t have machinary to make these warheads(and to put in Ju-88s) so I decided make the conventional nose.
No pictures of real thing builded..
but if works like the ju-88s..they put the warhead only in moments before the mission..(the warhead go to frontline aerodrome by train or truck ) after fixed the warhead and take off the Mistel could not land .. due excessive weight and excessive danger ..and if a problem happens after takeoff the ta-154 need be discarted..

Anonymous said...

Is these the same Mistel posted @ Photobucket ?


by Robert Masukawa ?


bluedonkey99 said...


yes, it is he!