Friday, January 08, 2010

1/144 Bartini-Beriev VVA-14M1P - Bonus Kits (Anigrand)

Left to Right:

1. Iliushin Il-28 (Beagle)

2. Mil Mi-4 (Hound)

3. Yakovlev Yak-25RD/RV (Mandrake)

Thanks to Milosz, GreenDragon and Badger for their help in identifying these aircraft, much appreciated.


badger said...

1. Il-28 Beagle
2. Mi-4 Hound
3. Il-28U Mascot (I think ?)

Milosz said...

Dear Friend,
I'm aviation enthusiast from Poland, specialised in helicopters. The bonus kits in this Anigrand edition are the most probably (from left to right):

Iliushin Il-28 (Beagle)

Mil Mi-4 (Hound)

Yakovlev Yak-25RD (Mandrake)

I hope that You'll find my infos useful.
Best regards,
Milosz Rusiecki
Torun, Poland

bluedonkey99 said...

Milosz & Badger,

Thank you for the information, I would never have identified these otherwise.

Milosz, welcome to the site!

(Badger is also welcome, be he is an old hand now!)


Anonymous said...

Kinda clever ploy really. Give us 3 really useful bonus kits to go with a lemon of a main subject. When the main kit is great, give us lemon bonus kits.

bluedonkey99 said...

I can see where you are coming from.

I dont understand why the with this strange WiG/Flyer they did not provide more "unusual" aircraft suh as some of the smaller Ekranoplans/WiGs or other wacky expermintals!

The Chopper and 2 Recon aircraft are a strange choice for the main subject!

thankfully its easier with the Luft'46 big plane and lots of little paperplanes, or a set of 4 big paper planes - and job done!

Similar with the Brits, one big V-bomber and 3-4 little brit experimentals, and everyone is also happy!

Jura said...

Hallo, Boys!
If somebody is not satisfied with any 1/144 AniGrand Bonus kits, I have an proposition. I would buy any your unwanted "lemon" Soviet/Russian kit for mutual agreed price. Please write on: .



Anonymous said...

I'll be keeping the bonus kits, it's the main kit I'll be dumping this time. Want to buy the lemon Bartini thingy?

That said, I wouldn't mind buying the Bison if I could offload the paper projects and failed prototypes it comes with :-)

Jura said...

Thank you for Bartini offer, but i need to buy the full set to have Mi 4 and Il 28. Then I will try to sell Bartini extra, too.
BTW, talking about Mil helis in 1/144 - what do you think about this garage project?

bluedonkey99 said...

not being a big heli buff, but the Mi-8 on the Cz site looks nicely turned out!

Didnt one come up last week on ebay?
might be worth you haveing a look, some seller from Ukrain if i recall correctly!

Bruce said...

The Mi-8 looks great. Is it a kit or a scratchbuild?

bluedonkey99 said...

think its a resin kit from ukrain.

there was one on ebay last week , well a Mi-8 anyhow.

Also, AirAlex had some russian helicoptor kits on his "for sale" page. Not sure if they are still there?

Jura said...

Maybe there is some Mi 8 form Ukaine, but that one is garage project fo somebody called "KaJuk", living in St.Petersburg, Rossia. It looks I will have some kits from him, if interested, write on Price would be about 25 EUR.
He is preparing Mi 14, Mi 4, too.
On AirAlex I´ve found 1/100 Mi 8 only.