Friday, January 08, 2010

1/144 Arado Ar-96 B-1/B-3 by Foxone

Following up on the much sought after bf-108, Foxone is preparing a Arado Ar-96.

This will be another short run resin kit and will be supplied with 3x (Alps) Decal Option and full assembly and painting instructions.

You will be able to create the following options:

Ar96B-1,Black KF+CG
FFS A/B 71 Pilot School,Luftwaffe,
Prostejov (Probnitz) airfield,
Bohemia-Moravia Protectorate,1942

Ar96B-3,Yellow 104/White S
JFS 3 Fighter Training School, Luftwaffe,
Karup-Grove airfield,Denmark,spring 1942

Ar96B-3 Yellow 261
JFS 2 Fighter Training School, Luftwaffe,
Magdeburg/Zerbst airfield,summer 1942

I think most will welcome this unusual addtioan to the 1/144 world, and it also like the bf-108 allow for some interesting diorama options?

Arado Ar-96

A range of other interesting paint schemes you could apply can be found here at the Wings Pallet website

Price: 3000 Yen + Shipping
Available: Feburary 2010 (After Wonderfest!)

More photos images of this kit can be seen on the Foxone site >> Here <<
The kit design and build process >> Here & 2 3 4 <

English Ordering >> Here <<
Japanese Orders(Nihon) >> Here << 日本


pbhawkin said...

Hmmm, NICE.
I will have to get one of these to add to the 108.

smeg1959 said...

Wish these things were a little cheaper than 3000 yen.

The Bf108 and Ar-96B? I wonder what else Foxone have planned in what is looking like a series of Luftwaffe trainers - a Jungmann or Jungmeister, perhaps?

And when will we see a Hs123 and a Hs126? Yes, I know Reviresco do the former (and a He51, for that matter), but plastic is definitely easier to work with than pewter/white metal.

bluedonkey99 said...


JU88 is the only other currently visible on the charge sheet!