Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1/144 F-Toys Eurofighter - Photos by Mehusla

Mehusla has sent some interesting photos of the the recent Eurofighter Series.

Here for your perusal is the RSAF Eurofighter and the Italian Tornado (special colour)

I know a few people have had their doubts over this line up, but people are warming to them.
The fittings and tolerance of the casting is tight, so there should be few loose or wobbly bits!

The wing fittings on the Tornado are such that they allow free movment of the 'swing wing' or 'variable geometry' there is also sufficient gap to ensure that the act of moving the wings does not scrape the paint, as has been encountered on some previous Cafe Reo/F-Toys series.

If you like the pictures from Mehusla more can be seen at the "Battle Anthems Gallery" > Here<> Here < at "144 Direct"


Anonymous said...

The Eurofighter is the best of the lot and makes the old mould revell kit redundant - looking forward to next year with the Revell release. The Tornado is OK and has both the under nose pods. The Mirage is very nice but a little loose around the air intakes - nothing a little fettling will sort.

David - BigReg

Anonymous said...

J-14 aircraft hi-res images:

badger said...

I have to disagree. These are some of the worst lot F-Toys has released in a while. Each kit will have to be completely disassembled, heavily cleaned up by stripping the glue, shaving parts down, and filling in major gaps. The canopies will also have to be re-done, most likely by scratch-building your own. The canopy on the Mirage is as much a joke, as are the air intakes. They just don't fit and will easily take a couple of hours to fix.

I'm not sure why anyone would warm up to this lot, other than the fact that they're cheap and will probably be on ebay for years to come at half price. But in order to make them presentable, you'll probably spend more time fixing them than if you were to build one from ground up.

About the only part they got right was the Mirage & Eurofighter wings. They're actually very nicely done. However, a nice wing alone isn't enough. Still, you can't expect too much for this price. Then again, Revell's Rafale is also priced low, yet exceptional...

bluedonkey99 said...

I think your correct, the new Revell Eurofighter will be one to watch!

Anonymous said...


KAZAMA said...


bluedonkey99 said...


are these your paint schemes, or ones ou have found?

They are very nice!

I dont think they are official?

Any more information?


Anonymous said...

is the swing wing mechanism on the Tornado good? Is it flimsy or fragile at all? How do the underwing hardpoints work, do you just pivot them after moving the wings?

thanks for any feedback

WANg Gai said...

Not really. The landing gear is messy and prone to flashes and poor molding, the cockpit has issues with the paint and transparencies, the tail is secured with only one pin and is therefore wobbly, the wing sweepback angle is completely incorrect, and there are no underbody detailing in the back at all. The stores...are ridiculous. 2 Marconi Sky Shadow pods and 2 droptanks (which has the pylons integrated and has ludicrously thin attachment pins that snaps off easily).
This is not a "Tonka" kit.

The Mirage, yeah, requires cleanups around the intake, the cockpit seems too wide, and both the Taiwanese and Peruvian models have in-flight refueling pods.

I would say - if you can get both models somewhere else, skip this series. It's a bit of a dog.