Saturday, January 16, 2010

1/144 - 1/72 Gear Puzzle Set? (updates

I do not know anything about these and as far as I can determine the auction doesnt indicate who is manufacturing these items?

Although it is a mixed set - 1/144 Aircraft and 1/72 Armour which in itself is slightly strange!

Part of me is inclined to assume it may be a Dragon/Doyusha reissue or repackage?
(except who did the Mig-29?)

*** Update ***
It becomes apparent these are not really models, but low quality Puzzle Kits!!

Part of this is on the basis there is
1/144 F-117 (Secret, but obvious from the silhouette)
1/144 F-14 Tomcat
1/144 F-16 Falcon
1/144 Mig 29
plus some 1/72 tanks (pah!, who cares about those!)

A slightly amusing point is that the pictures and text for the Mig and Falcon are swapped over?!


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Anonymous said...

J-14 stealth fighter: air-to-air missiles

J-14 stealth fighter: air-to-air missiles