Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1/144 Dornier Do-19 "Ural bomber" - Unicraft

Unicraft are planning to produce the Dornier DO-19 "Ural bomber, for some time on 2010 or 2011.

Actually a pre-WWII design, that flew as a prototype but did not go into production.

There was a 4 Engine Bomber competition, which luckily once the military sponsor died the armaments programs shifted back to Tactical Fighters/Bombers!

unicraft: http://www.unicraft.biz/



pbhawkin said...

Another interesting aircraft.
I hope they do some of the other prototype or test planes or even some of the pre-war planes. A Ju-86 would be nice.

bluedonkey99 said...

maybe Anigrand could do a set of these prewar large bomber prototypes/"nearly men"

smeg1959 said...

Amongst all the Luft 46 types Igor produces, Unicraft does a 1/72 kit of the Fw42 Ente "Duck" (http://www.unicraft.biz/germ/fw42/fw42.htm). The Fw42 canard design was first proposed back in 1931 as a twin-engined version of the Fw19. According to Luft46.com, a full-sized mock-up was built and wind tunnel tests were favourable, but that's where the project stalled.

Definitely not a Luft 46 project and a model of a pre-war design I wouldn't mind seeing in 1/144. As Igor reckons he isn't considering "downscaling" any of his 1/72 range, it could fall upon Anigrand to meet this need.

I agree with Peter regarding the Ju86. This was originally listed as a "future release" in the Altaya/IXO range, but appears to have been dropped (as has the Me323 Gigant). And what about a Do17E/F or Do17Z? A Spanish Civil War He111B, He70 or He170? Hell, what about a Bf109B or C to go with the myriad of 109E's? And that's just the Luftwaffe!

The period between the two World Wars is a largely untapped goldmine in 1/144. A Martin B-10, Douglas B-18 Bolo, Handley Page HP54 Harrow, etc., etc.?

Which gives me an idea. Martin, why not run one of your polls on pre-war types for the masses to vote on? :-)

bluedonkey99 said...

wasnt the FW_42 on Peters blog survey? ;o)

as for the B-10 , KDK looks like doing one!


as for the other suggestions re: anigrand... write to him!!

bluedonkey99 said...

i wouldnt mind a HP.47 either!