Friday, January 08, 2010

1/144 WW II German U-Boote Type VII Metal Torpedo/Periscope/2cm+8.8cm Barrel)

It is not often we get to cover 1/144 Naval products on this blog, this would appear to mainly be the issue of a smaller suppy of 1/144 Naval kits being produced.

Obviously, Revells 1/144 U-boats are a big player in this area - so if Revell U-Boats are your thing then I would hazard a guess these will make your day!

There are Photo Etched kits and Photed Etched Kits! I am no expert on the details of a Type VII U-Boat, howver there appears to enough parts in these set to keep even the most fanatical 'rivet counter' happy ?

Be warned that I have 'mixed and matched' the photos for the Type "C" and Type "D", the kits are not the same and you should take care to order the correct set!!

I think this is the nearest in plastic you can get to the smell of salt and a recreating the atmosphere of the classic mini series "Das Boot"!? (I still get nervous near water!)

Full Set Options
1:144->1/144 WW II German U-Boot Type VII C (Metal Torpedo/Periscope/2cm+8.8cm Barrel) >> Here <<
IPMSUSA Review >> Here <<
Model Shipwrights Review >> Here <<

1:144->1/144 WW II German U-Boot Type VII D (Metal Torpedo/Periscope/2cm+8.8cm Barrel) >> Here <<
Modeling Madness Review >> Here <
> Here <<

Partial Set Option

1/144 Metal Periscope & 2cm+8.8cm Barrel for WW II German U-Boote Type VII (any) Series >> Here <<
Modeling Madness Review
>> Here <<

Accessory Set Option
(useful for some Aircraft kit?)
1/144 Metal WW II German Torpedo 53.5cm G7a / G7e >> Here <<

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