Saturday, January 23, 2010

1/144 WACO CG-4A "Hadrian" by Miniwing

Well, as is often the case.... you wait for ages and then two buses come along at the same time!

It appears to be the same here too, following me showing the Waco by GRA last week - there is a new version arrived and unlike last weeks wargaming piece this is indeed a true model kit!

Miniwing (Fe-Resin) have in the past produced a number of Larger Luftwaffe gliders, but they have not tackled the range of glider topics available for the Allied forces.

Let us hope that this first foray will the first of many to come?

This WACO CG-4A is a nice little kit the main body is fairly simple, although the detial options do lead to anumber of smaller pieces, those that are here are nicely detailed and cleanly moulded. There are number of fine pieces with have a degree of controlled flash, in so much it is actually intentional to help preserve the fine cast pieces during production and shipping.

There are x4 Decal Options 2x US WWII, a RAF 1946 and a Czech Airforce 1950! (now there is something i did not know!) - I think you could also squeeze a RAF WWII by following the D-Day scheme shown for the US version and adding RAF decals (from your stash) or researching an appropriate RAF or RCAF scheme.?

This kit can be produce "with wheels" or "Without Wheels" so, a diorama could be build featuring a "tug" or "towing" plane on a airfield (2x CG-4A were towed by a C-46, or 1x (?) by C-47/DC-3), or perhaps just the glider itself after landing.

The kit is hollow, so with care it would be feasible to drill or cut out the doors (at your own risk!).

There is also a very interesting cockpit section including folding(jump) seats and yokes, but rather than a typical reassuring aircraft cockpit "tub" these guys where hooked up to some scaffolding!? this has been finely produced by Miniwing

I dont know what the survival rate of glider pilots where, but judging by the number of them with smashed up noses afterlanding it cant be a sought after job! The cockpit seems to provide as much protection and comfort as shopping cart dropped from the sky

If your a modeling Ninja then you would certianly impress if you made this with the "nose up" configuration!

There is a nice 3 plan view > Here <
Available: January 2010

Price: 23.40 EURO

Also available unedited Large pics in Super HD (3027 x 2304)
(#1) (#3) (#4) (#5) (#6) (#7) (#8) (#9)

I will be looking to do this where feasible in future to allow you to see more detail over more pictures than is sensible for a blog post!


rkmasu said...

Hmm..a C-47 skytrain and this Waco in a small dio...
So.. we could have the Horsa in future?

bluedonkey99 said...

It has been suggested....

badger said...

Seems to be an improvement over Anigrand's bonus kit which came with the C-124. Looks to have more detail and provides for a more interesting paint scheme. Price is the only major negative factor with Miniwing kits. I wish they'd go for less, but that's just stating the obvious I suppose.