Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1/144 JASDF F-15DJ 'Aggressors 2010' - 1/144 JASDF Can.do(Doyusha) F-15DJ 'Aggressors 2010' (update)

Well what can i say!?

Although these look like early prototype models, the paint schemes look a lot like the Tarkara series, and just not as nice?

Judging by the comments on the 8-Bee blog the special isnt that special, and the price is inching up!?

Price: 600 Yen (each item)
Available: 2010/02


Ok, these are 3x the price of the Doyusha, but on current information these look nice moulds, paint and have "lights"
Takara GiMIX F-15J/DJ Series 01 > Here <
Takara GiMIX F-15J/DJ Series 02 > Here <
Extra Stands + Lights > Here <

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Anonymous said...

I would love to get in touch with the product development people at Doyusha. Their F-4EJ is a great model and has a lot of untapped potential for making other variants. Eventually they will run out of paint schemes and tail numbers for JASDF Phantoms, and then maybe they could do other users' Phantoms. Also, a simple nose change would yield almost endless possibilities... .
John H.