Saturday, January 23, 2010

1-144 Bell Sea Cobra AH-1 J - By Miniwing

As previewed last month, the 1-144 Bell Sea Cobra AH-1 J from Miniwing is now available.

I an now safely confirm that the kit us cleanly moulded with crisp clean lines, there will of course be some work required to remove certian parts from the sprues but this is normal.

I have tried to capture the detialing on the fuselage and the rotor hub in particular to show the detail available. The landing skids may look like a oversized Zimmer frame in the picture but this is largey down to the sprues and changes to ensure a good consistant flow of resin, as a result with no obvious bubbles or defects. This is equally true on some of the smaller detailing such as the exhausts.

There are some detials for the interior although these are across a number of spures, so pay attention to the parts and the instructions. The interior may also draw you to be creative and add some additonal detailing yourself?

As I may have said previously, this is a nicely produced kit that looks like a straight forward build, and best of all the rotor blades are in one peice which should allow for a stress free assembly! It does run the risk of getting me more curious on the helicoptor modelling front!

Decals produced by YKraft of Japan, provide two versions
- US Marines
- Iranian Airforce

Available: January 2010
Price: 16.20 Euro

(coming soon - AH-15 S inc USA & JGSDF decals)

Also available unedited Large pics in Super HD (3027 x 2304)
I will be looking to do this where feasible in future to allow you to see more detail over more pictures than is sensible for a blog post!

alternative review at Internet Modeller

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Loving the HD links, please count my vote to keep it up. Very much appreciate your work on it!!!