Saturday, February 13, 2010

1-144 F-Toys Wing Kit Collection Vol.4 (update 3)

Some tease shots from the F-Toys Photo Blog.

#2b - Spitfire
#1a - Ki-43


TonyG said...

This is now on pre-order at HLJ. Shots of the three basic Spits including standard, invasion stripe and a USAAF version.

bluedonkey99 said...

ironicaly they have the cheek to post the images from the platz site with HLJ watermarks on them!

Bruce said...

Oooh...they look sh*t.

Oh well, better than nothing I guess.

smeg1959 said...

Can't always trust the photos, but I fear Bruce could be right. Some of the panel lines remind me of the old Matchbox 1/72 kits in the '70's - definitely not the restraint shown on the vast majority of Takara or Sweet releases.

And unless my eyesight on the wane (always possible), some of those decals are decidely furry at the edges, especially on the Spits.